Indian Summer

from by Matthew Henry

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I wish I was born on an Indian summer
when temperatures rose past the norm for the year
Under the blankets, I lay there sweating
Shorts are all gone packed away for the year
Out from the house I cried in the street
but I didn't mean it, I didn't mean it
Just one of those moments, you're sad for no reason
I think I’ll blame it on al of this heat

Some of my friends, they are hypochondriacs
always worrying about getting sick
plagued with diseases, I think they said twenty
but ten of those twenty they do not exist
When I speak of friends I speak metaphorically
always been taught to question hypothetically
When I speak of friends I speak with authority
some of those friends live a long way cross country

We break into houses that died in the nineties
All that we’re left with is aging uncertainty
I slip on wet floorboards, wood’s slick when it’s rotting
Others shine flashlights from far down the hallways
They stood between us, their fingers were flipping
their cigarettes burning and cigarettes teaching
what death it must taste like deep in our lungs
I said I don't smoke friends, except when I’m drunk
Except when I’m drunk

Foods scraps and papers are stuck in my carpet
with wrappers from sandwiches and extra strength Tylenol
from one of those headaches I got in the ninth grade
and lost all the vision on the right side of my face
The bottle’s now empty and there’s dust on the bottom
hydrocodone’s addicting, so I stay away from ‘em
But I’d take a headache to missing you any day
risk half my eyesight to keep out the memories
they sneak in at night when I’m easy and sleeping
they’re working their way deep inside of my brain
It’s fine for the time until I open my eyes
just give me a headache but keep me awake
keep me awake, keep me awake, keep me awake


from Cascade Land, released April 13, 2017



all rights reserved


Matthew Henry New York, New York

Raised in the Catskills of upstate New York, Matthew Henry now lives in Brooklyn. His multi-instrumental folk sound draws inspiration from childhood migraines, fix-it-all family friends, and long drives on endlessly flat highways.

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